jueves, 10 de febrero de 2011

Berryz Koubou's 7th album "7 Berryz Times" tracklist

ya esta el tracklist del proximo album
de Berryz Kobo ^3^

Recordemos que sale a la venta el 30 de marzo

7 Berryz Times

1. 一丁目ロック!
2. ヒロインになろうか!
4. 真っ白いあの雲
5. 本気ボンバー!!
6. 女子会 The Night
7. ガールズタイムス
8. 女のプライド
9. シャイニング パワー!
10. マジカルフューチャー!

7 Berryz Times

1. Icchoume Rock! (Block 1 Rock!)
2. Heroine ni Narou ka! (Should I become a heroine!?)
4. Masshiroi ano kumo (pure white, that cloud)
5. Maji Bomber!! (Serious Bomber!!)
6. Joshikai The Night (Girls meeting - The Night)
7. Girls Times
8. Onna no Pride (A woman's pride)
9. Shining Power
10. Magical Future!

7 Berryz タイムス

7 Berryz Times

Release: 2011.03.30

USA Release (North America only)
The USA release includes complete regular edition Japanese booklet
plus first-press photo card!
Available now for pre-order at HelloStoreUSA and JapanFiles.
Price: $15.98

Limited Edition (CD+DVD)
Item No.: PKCP-5180
Price: ¥3,780
Includes: Heroine ni Narou ka Solo Ver. PV and live performance
of that song from Hello! Project 2011 WINTER.

Regular Edition (CD)
Item No.: PKCP-5182
Price: ¥3,150
First press edition includes a photo card

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